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Studio Policy

Studio6 Policies 2022/23

ATTENDANCE: Students are expected to continue lessons for a full academic year (Second week September to the third week of June.  Students are expected to arrive in a timely manner, with all required materials and music, with a positive “can-do” attitude.  Siblings are expected to stay quiet and respectful while the others take their lesson.

PRACTICE: The piano should (ideally) be in a separate room away from distractions.  The minimum requirement for an instrument is 88 keys, weighted with a functioning sustaining pedal and a bench at the appropriate height, plus a stool to rest their feet if necessary. An acoustic piano is preferred, which must be tuned regularly.  Students are welcome to start with a keyboard but it should be upgraded as they advance.

Students are required to practice a minimum of 5 days per week, complete the weekly assignment daily, and log their practice.  Parents are expected to set a structure time for practice, and help build it into their daily routine. It is vital to follow through with encouragement and support.  I promote feedback from families as to the quality of focus and regularity of practice sessions.

USE OF DEVICES during lesson time:

All phones are to be off, unless in communication with parents regarding pick up.  If parents are sitting in on lessons, their phones must be off.  If parents need access to phones during a lesson that they are sitting in on, they need to take it outside. If students use apps or do games on a device while they wait, it is required that they use headphones, so as not to disturb.

STUDENT ABSENCES: When students are sick, it is tough to give lots of notice.  I offer 3 days per year where students can schedule to get caught up on the lessons missed.  Or if scheduling permits, an additional 10 or 15 minutes can be added to 3 or 4 lessons in a row to make up the missed time.  Also, I will do my best to slot them into a cancellation slot if someone can’t make their time, within the week.  EXTENDED FAMILY Holidays can be accommodated  up to 2 makeups, no refunds.

TEACHER ABSENCES: The teacher reserves the right to cancel lessons due to illness or professional commitments such as conferences or masterclasses.  Either a substitute teacher will be hired for such an occasion, or the lesson will be rescheduled within the month.

CoViD policies: Going into Fall 2023, Regular sterilizing of keys and commonly touched surfaces will continue between student lessons.  If your child has any cold symptoms, even a runny nose, please stay home and we will find time to reschedule.  Also, please refrain from congregating in the entry as a family if possible. I will be keeping my own vaccinations current.

If positive cases rise or there are outbreaks at school, I would prefer students to come masked.

LESSON Registration/Termination: Payment of 4 lessons is required for registration and guarantee for a lesson slot.  This amount is NON-REFUNDABLE. These first 4 lessons are trial lessons, with the option for you to withdraw at any time.  Once you choose to continue, the amount is factored into the yearly tuition and divided into equal amounts.  If students wish to continue mid-term, one months written notice is required. If the notice is received mid month, then the following months tuition will be retained.

ADULT LESSONS/advanced students gr.9 and up: FLEX LESSONS are offered unless students would like to continue with a traditional monthly arrangement (recommended for exam preparation).  Students pay for a 10 lesson package which includes one free lesson (used like a coffee card), biweekly, or as busy schedules dictate.

PARENT PARTICIPATION: Parents are welcome to attend and quietly observe lessons as often as they like.  The teacher reserves the right to ask the parent not to attend if it affects the quality of the lesson, either affecting student behaviour, or interruptions).  Parents are asked to encourage students practice at home, ensuring completion of assignments as well as setting up structured opportunities for regular practice.

RECITALS & GROUP LESSONS: Two to three group lessons (2 - 4 students at a time) per year are scheduled on Sundays and will be offered (these have been paused due to CoVid but will resume in 2023.  Students are encouraged to participate but it is not mandatory.  Recitals are scheduled a minimum of 2 per year and a max of 3.  Students are expected to participate in 2 out of 3. 

SUMMER LESSONS: These are Flex Lessons, so the schedule is more open to either biweekly, or twice weekly.  Choose the # of lessons you would like and we work it in according to your and my schedule.  Pay for the set # of lessons by June 30th.

OFFICE HOURS AND CORRESPONDENCE: I do my best to be available for questions or concerns at any time, either via email, text or messenger.  I want regular updates on the quality of practice, but can’t necessarily discuss between lessons because of scheduling.  If you would like to set a zoom or phone appointment to discuss concerns, I am available mid-day weekdays only.

Adherence Statement

This Studio Policy is a non-binding contract made between Studio6, Student and Parent, on this date for the provision of private music instruction services to Student.

I , ____________________________, have received, read and understand the above guidelines pertaining to music lessons with Studio6 and agree to abide by its provisions, as a condition to Teacher providing music lessons to Student._____________________________________________________

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