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Studio Policy & Fees

Studio of Raydene Koch (B.Mus., APTA)

POLICIES 2018-2019

What is required to Register for Lessons?

  • School age students: A post-dated cheque or E-transfer for 4 lessons is required.
  • Adults: Either a lump sum payment of 10 (with discount) or 5 classes (no discount) at a time.
  • The completion of a registration form and a signed Parent/Teacher agreement.


  • 30 minutes: $35.00/lesson (pro-rated according to the day of the lesson and divided into 5 equal payments throughout the term.)
  • 45 minutes: $48.50/lesson (pro-rated according to the day of the lesson and divided into 5 equal payments throughout the term.)
  • 60 minutes: $65/lesson (pro-rated according to the day of the lesson and divided into 5 equal payments throughout the term.)


  • Monthly post dated cheques are preferred. E-transfers are welcome however, they must be reliable or I will go back to requesting post-dated cheques.
  • Lump-sum or half lump sum payments in two instalments are welcome. A 5% discount on the full lump sum payment.
  • No registration fee although there is an added charge of $50/term for added recital and group lesson costs.

FAMILY Registration:

  • For families of 2 or more registering for lessons, 10% discount on the tuition for the second child, and 15% for the third, or a 45 min lesson at a 1/2 hr rate.


  • A schedule of recitals and group classes as well as important dates (exam registration deadlines etc.) is emailed early each term. Otherwise, lessons follow the school schedule more or less.


  • If the student is sick: at least one day per term is set aside for make up classes. This may be a Sunday or perhaps the Monday of a long weekend, or tagged onto Christmas holiday or Spring Break. Otherwise, make up classes for sickness are not guaranteed.
  • If the teacher is sick: If the teacher is sick, the class must be made up within the month. Make up classes are the only option - there are ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS for Missed Lessons.


  • If you or your child are considering ending your study with me, please discuss it with me first. Maybe a small alteration in approach is necessary, like more upbeat repertoire, or just a switch to a different style, or maybe we need to adjust the pace of instruction.
  • One Month's Notice is Required to Terminate Lessons. (The first 4 lessons for new students not included). Please remember that this is my primary source of income. One would need notice of income changes from month to month. (Whichever month you give notice to discontinue lessons, I will keep the next month's payment. For example: If it's November (any day 1-30) when you notify me, I will keep December's payment. You may continue taking lessons until the end of the notice (in this case end of December). Your remaining cheques will be returned with a revised receipt.)
  • If you have payed lump sum... we're stuck with each other until those lessons are completed. No Refunds.


  • A music mentor who is positive and encouraging, and who is 100% present for your child for regular intervals each week of the school year.
  • Musical insight from a Professionally trained, working pianist.
  • A teacher who stays up to date on pedagogical research, and professional development which includes conferences, webinars, and collaboration with colleagues.
  • Student involvement in festivals, competitions, and other performance opportunities.