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My Teaching Philosophy

This is the part where I am supposed to say that music is fun. It is! Music also requires us to work hard and requires a certain level of commitment in order to really experience the full benefits. It is my goal that the learning process is enjoyable and rewarding for my students, and that they leave each lesson encouraged and with a heightened level of confidence.

My work with young beginners (some have started at 3 1/2) incorporates movement and singing songs both new and familiar. They are introduced to theory concepts in a physically interactive way. I truly love working with kids and have a warm nurturing approach with them. We do keep lessons light and we do encorporate fun approaches to learning, including a variety of games which reinforce theory concepts.

Students of all levels begin by understanding relationships between intervals, Singing is encouraged in our sessions to reinforce this and allow for internalizing these relationships from the beginning. It is my goal that students develop a strong internal sense of rhythm at the piano. They learn to encorporate the use of the arm in playing, as well as developing fluid wrist motion and a strong hand position.

Students develop a solid foundation in reading music through carefully selected methodologies. However, creativity is an important component in our lessons. I encourage students to explore sonority through a variety of activities. Improvisation melodically and harmonically are encouraged as I find this helps to build confidence performing as well as builds a heightened curiosity for the material they are required to learn.