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Edmonton piano teacher, Raydene Koch welcomes students for study, at all levels of advancement and with varied goals. Her studio, located in southcentral Edmonton offers a warm and nurturing atmosphere to learn.

Raydene's students have consistently received awards and medals through Conservatory Canada and Royal Conservatory in exams, and recognition at both local and Provincial levels in Festivals. A musical education with Ms. Koch ensures each student a solid technical foundation, an understanding of musical styles and their interpretation, knowledge of composers, a solid grounding in keyboard theory as well as and an introduction to improvisation and composition.

Ms. Koch holds the belief that music education is a vital component to any child's development. She maintains that music is a language we know before we speak, and is therefore inherent to our emotional, social and intellectual development. Ms. Koch's approach reflects this understanding and promotes self-reliance, independence and a love of learning, which students can carry into their future musical experiences.